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The Syriac Bible (NT) according to the Peshitta text.

The Peshitta (ܡܦܩܬܐ ܦܫܝܛܬܐ) is the official bible of the Syriac speaking churches in the Syriac language. It means 'simple' or 'common' and became standard in the early 5th century, although it has its roots in the first century. Traditionally there is the Peshitta Old Testament and the Peshitta New Testament, which both were translated independent from each other from Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek respectively.

Through the years the Peshitta became more and more popular and interesting to read, to translate and even to study. Thanks to computer technology developed by Beth Mardutho: The Syriac Institute (formerly known as SyrCOM), the Syriac script was digitized and was given a new life in the digital world. New websites such as started to rise on the internet containing the Syriac Bible according to the Peshitta and even the Khabouris tradition. New Peshitta translations in various languages such as English (, Dutch ( and even Afrikaans (via made their way on the internet reaching a whole new public.

Technology keeps improving and innovations has made it even more simple for us reading the beloved Peshitta in new ways. This website provides the Syriac New Testament in an organized and readable way for mobile smart phones. Each book is divided in chapters and from each chapter it is easy to navigate to the next or previous chapter.

Due to technical limitations, the Syriac fonts on this website can only be rendered correctly on smart phones with Android 4.0 and higher, BlackBerry 10, iOS 7 and higher and Windows Phone 8 and higher. Unfortunately older operating systems will not render the Syriac text properly.

Peshitta source: UBS 1905 text
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